Spending so much after College

I graduated from college about five years ago, and no one had told me that I would get into so much credit card debt ! I got my first credit card just when I was getting into work, and it started from there. I was accumulating so much debt, and using my credit card left and right, justifying my expenses by saying that it was all necessary for me to spend so much because I was investing in my future.

I was spending for an expensive mobile phone, designer clothing and bags, expensive restaurants, and so on, when I was earning at a new hire’s salary. Stupid move, within a year, I had maxed out my credit card, and I really did not know how to pay for everything.

And then, I found myself with a flyer that talked about credit card debt relief programs. It sounded like something that would be really useful for me. I knew I had to do something about my finances, and I was getting desperate! My salary was all going to paying the interest of my credit card debt, but it was not helping in any way of reducing the balance of my debt. It was honestly such a headache to deal with! I really was in a lot of debt!

My desperate thoughts led me to inquiring about these credit card debt relief programs, and I saw immediately how it could benefit me. And, I really think I made the right move. I inquired at the company, and they gave me a lot of options that I could consider. I was initially really thinking of calling for bankruptcy, but I was afraid of what may happen. I was not even 30 years old, and I had to claim for bankruptcy? How embarrassing! But, good thing this company saved me from making that move.…